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        “It’s money. I remember it from when I was single” — Billy Crystal


        Money talk may be the worst part about wedding planning. My goal is to change that. I don’t believe in hidden fees or selling you services that you don’t need. I want your wedding day to be everything you’ve dreamed of AND in budget. So, let’s work together to find what package and price point fits you and your wedding.

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        What equipment do you use?

        Do you work with second shooters? What's the benefit of having one?

        Do you have insurance?

        Do you travel and how much does that cost?

        How do I book?


        I'm a Sony girl through and through. I come to every wedding equipped with three camera bodies (A7sii, A7rii and A7iii for you gear nerds) and corresponding lenses (usually my trusty 35mm and 85mm).

        Why is this setup my arsenal of choice? Sony cameras are tiny photo and video powerhouses. They are also AMAZING in low light situations, which comes in handy on wedding days that run a little behind (so, most wedding days). I love that I can seamlessly switch between photo and video during weddings where I'm shooting both and that carrying multiple of these mirrorless cameras won't break my back.